Hi-Coater® Technology

"Stretched" Tablet Coating Design Provides Shorter Process Times

The most effective method to increase spray rates for any tablet coating process is to increase the number of spray guns within the coating pan. An increased spray zone is accomplished by lengthening the coating pan while maintaining the same diameter. The “Stretched” coating pan can incorporate as many as ten spray guns – doubling the amount of spray guns in a typical batch coating system. The “Stretched” design also minimizes tablet attrition by reducing the tablet bed depth when compared to a similar batch size in a larger pan diameter.






Manifold Spray Bar Provides Cleaning Advantages

Freund-Vector’s manifold spray bar eliminates the external nozzle air and solution lines on the exterior of the spray bar. Instead, nozzle air and solution is delivered within the interior of the spray bar. Freund-Vector’s one-gasket design allows for quick assembly of the spray bar. Changing the number of spray guns has never been easier.

Cleanable Design

For fully perforated pans, the pan cabinet is fully welded. This allows the lower cabinet to be filled with water, allowing the bottom of the pan to soak and rotate in cleaning solution. Further, this eliminates seals and/or gaskets around the cabinet that require additional cleaning or inspection.











Anti-Marking Pans

Every coating pan is manufactured with a high-buff mirror polish, anti-slide baffles and slotted perforations. Slotted perforations have been proven to reduce tablet attrition when compared to standard round perforations.








Fully Perforated or Integrated Plenum?

Both fully perforated and integrated plenum pans produce quality coating processes. Fully Perforated Pans are better suited for CIP and potent compound applications. Integrated plenum pans are better suited for solvent coating applications since they operate effectively at lower airflows.