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Welcome! We are pleased to find you here reading our blog … our newest forum for us to communicate about Freund-Vector and our industry at large.

We’ve certainly had an interesting history: Our founder worked for a local packaging company that also manufactured tablet presses. They decided to concentrate on packaging and decided to sell off the rights to their tablet press product line.  Sensing an opportunity, our founder bought that piece of their business in 1972 and formed the Vector Corporation – literally in a garage!

Early on, our work included government applications. Tablet presses proved to be very effective for compaction and re-compaction of ordinances, and because there were only a few suppliers with tablet press technology our business and company grew quickly.

Later on in the decade, with the emergence of automated tablet coating technology, we obtained the rights to manufacture and market automated tablet coating systems from Freund Corporation in 1974. Tablet coating makes tablets easier to swallow, masks unpleasant tastes, and provides a means to differentiate them by color.  Vector was in the right place at the right time with the right equipment, and we expanded our focused to include selling tablet pan coating systems along with tablet presses to pharmaceutical /health care companies. A strong partnership between Vector and Freund developed and in 1997 Freund Corporation bought controlling interest in Vector.

Where are we today and what does the future look like? Since the pharmaceutical industry has globalized, so has Freund-Vector. We are a premier service provider and manufacturer of granulating, coating, and drying equipment for processing powders, granules, and tablets.    In late 2016, the VHC-60M was released.  The VHC-60M was designed for aqueous and solvent film coating. Over the next three to six months, we will be releasing our Granuformer, which is a continuous granulation and drying system.  In early 2018, we will be releasing an integrated inspection and ink-jet printing machine for on-dose identification.

Freund-Vector’s VHC-60M

Thanks for joining us, and we hope to see you back soon.


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