Job Title: Mechanical Designer

Education: High School graduate and 2-year associate degree in mechanical technology preferred.

Experience: 2-4 years of design drafting experience required.

Relevant Skills: Must have solid knowledge of simple air and electrical schematics; Knowledge of the manufacturing process would be helpful; Must have good mechanical perception and be able to operate CAD system; Must be a self-starter. Good organizational skills; Ability to handle stress produced by time pressure, equipment design flaws, customer demands, etc.; Ability to concentrate for prolonged periods.

Physical Requirements: Must climb stairs, sit for prolonged periods, and frequent walking.

Location: Marion, Iowa

POSITION FUNCTION: Perform detailed drafting and detailing work on variety of equipment designed or manufactured by Freund-Vector. Serve as the Mechanical Engineering representative for sold-order projects requiring limited design requirements.


Essential Tasks:

  1. Perform design and detail drafting work under supervision of engineering personnel. Ensure that all bills of material are complete and accurate before release to manufacturing.
  2. Will support the Mechanical Engineers in creating detailed design documents from 3D models as needed.
  3. Maintain awareness of factors affecting cost and make suggestions that will result in cost improvements.
  4. Concept, detail, and update mechanical design drawings as required for sold orders and/or R&D projects.
  5. Execute ECO’s and determine status of scrap or rework.
  6. Communicate with Project Management and other design disciplines as required to complete assigned tasks for sold order projects.
  7. Communicate with Purchasing Department and their vendors as designed parts are being manufactured towards the lowest possible cost.
  8. Communicate and provide work direction to assembly personnel as necessary to efficiently complete assembly of the equipment.
  9. Participate in customer testing at Freund-Vector’s facility
  10. Prepare cost estimates to modify standard Freund-Vector equipment to meet customer requirements, select vendor items and concept new systems for estimates.

Discretionary Tasks:

  1. Responsible for development of documentation for other departments as requested.
  2. Verify equipment manuals and spare parts list for accuracy and completeness.
  3. Serve as a backup to the Application Draftsperson and Controls Draftsperson as required.

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