Freund-Vector Participating in Natoli’s Inaugural Training Course

Freund-Vector’s Senior Process Development Scientist Nick Slater, have been invited to speak and present at Natoli’s “Tablet Development, Scale-Up, and Intro to Microtabs” inaugural training course.  This seminar will be held at the new Natoli Scientific Research & Development Laboratory in Telford, Pennsylvania October 8-10, 2018.

Nick will be leading two lab sessions: ‘Wet Granulation Process-High Shear’ and ‘Dry Granulation Process-Roller Compaction’.  During these laboratory sessions, participants will be participating in hands on-training.

Freund-Vector is looking forward to participating in Natoli’s inaugural training course, “Tablet Development, Scale-Up, and Intro to Microtabs”.  To learn and register about this seminar, you can click here.

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