Freund-Vector Presents Poster at CESPT in Hungary

The 12th Central European Symposium on Pharmaceutical Technology and Regulatory Affairs (CESPT) was held in Hungary, September 20-22, 2018.  CESPT offers a good opportunity for fostering the application of the results of new approaches for the accelerated development and introduction of safer and more effective medicines.  Additionally, it serves as a strong and stable background for permanent dialogue between pharmacists and other scientists working in the fields of pharmaceutical R&D or manufacturing.

Freund-Vector’s Andrea Gelain, Process Development Scientist, presented a poster entitled, “Wurster Coating PAT Monitoring by NIR:  Calibration vs PCA Trend Approach”.   This poster followed the Wurster coating process trend using NIR technology and to determine real-time deviations from the correct process path.

Andrea Gelain reviews CEPST poster


“Wurster Coating PAT Monitoring by NIR: Calibration vs PCA Trend Approach”.

Andrea was able to show that the Wurster coating process had a very strong correlation between the absorbances read by the NIR instrument and the quality of coating suspension sprayed.  To learn more about this study, please visit Freund-Vector’s Slideshare page.

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