Freund-Vector’s Commitment to Granulation and Coating Education – Spring 2018

This week, Freund-Vector conducted their 31st Coating and Granulation Seminar. This three-day seminar integrated classroom lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions to provide a comprehensive learning experience on solid dosage granulation and coating technologies. It was held in Marion, Iowa.

Steve Kray, Marketing Manager, kicks off Freund-Vector’s 2018 Spring Granulation and Coating Technology Seminar


Edward Novit, Business Development Manager leads a discussions on Spray Drying Applications and Process Principles


Tim Smith, Senior Process Development Scientist, discusses High Shear Wet Granulation Process Technology


Alan Pieper discusses QuickPik and how to review and measure particles


Granulation and Coating team members beginning their High Shear Wet Granulation laboratory session under the guidance of Tim Smith, Senior Process Development Scientist


Nick Slater, Senior Process Development Scientist, discusses spray patterns during Pan Tablet Coating hands on laboratory session


Granulation and Coating team members learning about Fluid Bed Rotor Coating under the guidance of Ryan Crawford, Process Development Scientist


Wurster Coating laboratory session was led by Larry Maher, Senior Process Development Scientist


Spring 2018 Freund-Vector Granulation and Coating Seminar participants

If you are interested in attending the 2018 Fall Granulation and Coating Seminar, please click here.

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