Freund-Vector’s Granulation and Coating Seminar in Milan – Recap

MM Service and JRS Pharma joined Freund-Vector at its two day Granulation and Coating Technologies Seminar, November 7-8, 2018. The seminar gave industry professionals an overall understanding of the processes and operation of solid dosage equipment.

The two-day seminar consisted of lectures and hands-on processing in Freund-Vector’s Villasanta (Milan Area) laboratory.  Andrea Gelain, Process Development Scientist, led the discussions and hands-on processing for the Top Spray Fluid Bed Granulation Technologies & Bottom Spray Fluid Bed Coating Technologies.   To learn more about this technology, please visit Freund-Vector’s Technology Page.    

Andrea Gelain discusses Top Spray Fluid Bed Granulation Technology

Giuseppe Buratti, Process Development Scientist, conducted lectures and hands-on processing on Perforated Pan Tablet Coating Technologies.   Visit Freund-Vector’s YouTube Channel to learn more Freund-Vector’s Hi-Coater fully perforated tablet coating systems and how they can be used for the application of aqueous, solvent and sugar film coating for tablets and pellets.

Giuseppe Buratt teaches Perforated Pan Tablet Coating Technology

Mattia Spoldi, Sales & Product Specialist and Patrizia De Marzi, Technical Sales, from JRS Pharma, led a lecture on “Excipients for Granulation and Coating”.  Emiliano Genorini, Viavi’s Account Manager, spoke about Viavi’s MicroNIR Spectrometer technology.

Attendees were able to see and understand what happens when changes are made to process parameters and the results. Without a doubt, the demonstrations provides an understanding of what “To Do” and what “NOT To Do” when it comes to granulation and coating technologies!

For questions or additional information on Coating and Granulation, please contact: Raffaella Colombo, EMEA International Sales Manager, Phone: +39 039 2050331 /

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