Freund-Vector’s YouTube Channel: Exploring Videos About Granulation and Coating

Have you visited Freund-Vector’s YouTube Channel? Watch videos to learn about granulation and coating processes and equipment being used in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and related health care industries.  Videos are continuously added to assist in your discovery and learning.

Below are some illustrative examples of the types of videos that are available.

Continuous Manufacturing

Most solid dosage drugs are manufactured using “batch” technology, a process where the finished product has been made after many stops and starts in a series of steps. In comparison, “continuous manufacturing” enables much faster production and more reliable products through an uninterrupted process. Learn about Freund-Vector’s continuous granulation and drying system, Granuformer. 

Granuformer – Continuous Process

Tabrex – Print, Inspect, Protect

For pharmaceutical manufacturers, digital printing holds the promise of better brand protection and another layer of deterrence against counterfeiting. In fact, this is all happening right now as new thermal inkjet cartridge systems allow on-demand digital printing of codes onto tablets and capsules that can identify the manufacturing lot, expiration date, and country of origin.  Learn about Freund-Vector’s Tabrex.

QR codes using Thermal Inkjet

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