Introducing Freund-Vector’s LDCS-Micro HI-COATER®

The Smallest Tablet Coating System In The Pharma Market

The Freund-Vector Corporation LDCS-Micro HI-COATER® Laboratory Development Coating System is a portable, table top design with the unique capability of performing process feasibility, development and clinical batches, utilizing two (2) available fully perforated coating pan sizes. This is a portable, self-contained film coating system.

Figure 1 – LDCS-Micro


Figure 2- LDCS-Micro Coating Pan Specifications

A glass front door allows the operator to view the process inside the coating pan to ensure proper material movement and coating performance.  Ease of service access is provided via removable covers and a hinged door on the control enclosure.  Pan access is accomplished with hinged front door for pan removal and cleaning.

A color touch screen interface panel provides the operator the ability to control and monitor the coating process.  The coater can provide process control using either inlet or exhaust temperature.

We look forward to discussing how Freund-Vector’s LDCS-Micro can assist you with developing your coating processes.   Visit our website, or email for more details.

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