Introducing Freund-Vector’s New VFC-Lab 3XL

VFC-LAB 3XL Expands VFC-LAB Family of Portable Fluid Bed Processors

What is the difference between a Freund-Vector VFC-Lab 3 and a Freund-Vector VFC-Lab 3XL?  Both pieces of equipment are a versatile laboratory scale fluid bed that is portable, flexible, efficiently cleaned and easy to use.  They both offer four process capabilities: Top Spray Granulation, Bottom Spray Coating, Drying or Granurex Rotor Technology all within a portable self-contained system.

The difference between the VFC-3 Lab and VFC- 3 Lab XL is the processing capacity. The new VFC-Lab 3XL utilizes a 20L container with a 9” Wurster insert, which increases your processing capacity by approximately 60% over the VFC-3 Lab fluid bed.   In the chart below is the capacity processing ranges for the VFC-Lab 3XL.

Freund-Vector’s VFC Lab 3XL

The VFC-Lab 3XL is a great addition to Freund-Vector’s VFC-Lab Flo-© series.  The Freund-Vector VFC-Lab Flo-© series is the perfect solution for your process development requirements.  Visit our website, or email for more details.

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