Join Freund-Vector and DuPont Nutrition/Health in Milan – November 27

Freund Vector and DuPont Nutrition & Health will be conducting an one day seminar to discover our coating solutions for taste masking, controlled release, alcohol-resistant and enteric performance.   These coating solutions will be demonstrated using Freund-Vector’s Wurster Coating and Rotor technology.  Click here to register.

Dr. Michael Baumann and Carsten Hüttermann will be leading the discussions on DuPont’s Aquacoat®.  What is it and how to formulate will be part of the lecture sessions.  Additionally, there will be an overview of polymers for taste masking, controlled release and enteric coatings.

Freund-Vector’s Gabriele Inverni, Giuseppe Buratti and Andrea Gelain will be demonstrating how DuPont’s Aquacoat® can be applied using Freund-Vector’s Wurster Coating and Rotor technology.  Freund-Vector’s patented Wurster Accelerator System provides the fastest possible spray rates for Wurster coating processes.  The Granurex (GXR) is the most powerful pellet/powder processor available in the market place.

Freund-Vector’s patented Wurster Accelerator System. Particles are diverted around the spray zone, minimizing agglomeration defects and maximizing spray rate.
Wurster Accelerator II -By adding glidants into the compressed air stream – similar to how the GXR introduces powder into the chamber – powder can be directly applied within the Wurster chamber. This results in faster spraying and reduced agglomeration. This also reduces issues with settling of the glidants within the coating suspension.
Freund-Vector’s patented GXR System. Capable of performing coating, granulation and powder layering processes. To maximize processing efficiencies, the airflow through the slit is minimized.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend this seminar on November 27, 2018 in Milan, Italy.  Looking forward to meeting everyone and discussing how Aquacoat®, Wurster and Granurex® will assist you with your coating requirements.

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