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The 12th Central European Symposium on Pharmaceutical Technology and Regulatory Affairs (CESPT) will be held in Hungary, September 20-22, 2018.  This scientific forum traditionally gathers colleagues from all over Europe and provides the possibility for the participants to present their results, discuss the new developments and the future directions of the pharmaceutical technology and manufacturing. It offers a good opportunity to promote scientific achievements for talented young pharmacists, initiate common research projects, and fostering the application of the results of new approaches for the accelerated development and introduction of safer and more effective medicines. and serves as a strong and stable background for permanent dialogue between pharmacists and other scientists working in the fields of pharmaceutical R&D or manufacturing.

Freund-Vector’s Gabriele Inverni and Andrea Gelain will be presenting a poster entitled, “Wurster Coating PAT Monitoring by NIR:  Calibration vs PCA Trend Approach.”   The purpose of this poster is to follow the Wurster coating process trend using NIR technology and to determine real-time deviations from the correct process path.

There were two goals defined for this experiment:

Goal #1: Establish the correlation between the sprayed mixture quality and the response of the NIR device.

Result of Goal #1: In the illustration below, the values show that there is a strong correlation between the real data and the response of the NIR.  The correspondence between the sprayed amount and the NIR response is a strong indicator of the efficiency of the process and the real quality of coating material that effectively covers the cores.

Correlation of sprayed mixture quality and NIR response

Goal #2: Demonstrate the possibility to obtain good process monitoring and a correct process trend determination with different coating materials.

Result of Goal #2:  In the illustration below, the PCA plot of three different batches are shown overlapped to demonstrate that the points are sequentially aligned, and the different batches follow a highly comparable path.


PCA path of 3 different batches

Gabriele and Andrea were able to show that the Wurster coating process had a very strong correlation between the absorbances read by the NIR instrument and the quality of coating suspension sprayed.  To learn more about this study, please visit Freund-Vector’s Slideshare page.

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