Pre-Owned Pharmaceutical Equipment – Things to Think About

Your management team received a notification for an upcoming auction for pharmaceutical R&D and Production equipment.  You are being told to investigate whether your company should make a bid.   What do you need to think about before you make a recommendation to your management team?

There are three primary areas you need to consider when considering purchasing pre-owned pharmaceutical R&D and Production equipment: what was the equipment used for, maintenance of the equipment and location.

What was the equipment used for?

If the equpment you’re interested in was previously used to produce materials with chemicals that could interfere with your company’s drug formula’s, you’ll want to know that information and ensure that the seller followed all the proper decontamination and cross decontamination protocols.

Maintenance of the equipment

An efficient maintenance strategy plays a critical role in production and profitability. There are two main types of maintenance. Routine maintenance is planned and focuses on preventing future problems, while corrective maintenance is reactive and happens when equipment goes wrong and needs to be fixed.   Reviewing the maintenance documentation helps build up a detailed picture of what it has done in the past and it provides a basis for planning what it is going to do in the future.  ‘If it’s not written down, then it didn’t happen!’


When you mention location, most people think of a specific site and tend to overlook the location dependent services. If you located in North America and the pre-owned pharmaceutical equipment is in Europe, electrical outlets will require some modifications.  Software to run equipment may not work.  Having access to certified service technicians may limit access to parts and service.   Traditional services such as crating, shipping, and set up would be applicable as well.

Next time you receive a notification for an upcoming auction for Freund-Vector pharmaceutical R&D and Production equipment, reach out to for assistance on evaluations and recommendations.