This mobile laboratory blender is suitable for blending small batches of powders or dry granules.  Available with interchangeable containers: Double Cone, “V”, Bin and Drum with a capacity of 50 Liters. On request, the blender can be equipped with PLC and touch screen for recipe control. With the bin version, the option of 15°double tilt axis is also available.

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Main Features

  • Interchangeable Containers
  • Single Inclination
  • Manual Control Panel
    •  Optional Touch Screen Control with Automatic Recipe Control
  • Optional Double Inclination

Technical Data

  • Blending Capacity: 1L – 50L
  • Max Weight of Product to be Blended: 25kg
  • Mix/Max Speed (RPM): 6 – 20
  • Blending Time: Adjustable by Potentiometer
  • KW: 0.7
  • Power Supply: 3 Phase
  • Machine Weight (kg): 297


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