Freund-Vector offers two styles of VHC tablet coating systems – Fully Perforated and Integrated Plenum.

Both types of HI-COATER® systems are designed for aqueous and solvent film coating processes. They can also be configured for optional sugar processing.

Efficient, economical, and optimized for flexibility, the VHC family is the ideal solution for your current and future tablet coating requirements.

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Wet Granulation and Mixing Processes

Alternate Installation Configurations

  • Portable Skid Mount or Space-Saving In-Wall Design

Top Drive Advantages

  • Easy Bowl and Blade Removal and Fixed Bowl Lid for Superior Cleaning, Maintenance, and Safety
  • Vertical-Shaft Chopper for Improved Granulation

Flexible Design for Specific Process Optimization

  • Full Range of Charge and Discharge Systems
  • Aqueous and Solvent-Based Processing
  • Optional Vacuum Drying for One-Pot Processing
  • Optional Jacketed Bowl for Product Temperature Control

Engineered Scalability

  • Consistent with Production GMX Systems
    • Proportional Mixer Blade Tip-Speeds
    • Bowl and Blade Geometries

Color Touch Screen Control System

  • Automatic (Recipe Driven) and Manual Operational Modes
  • Compu 4® Available for Additional Data Management and Integration with Fluid Bed Dryers
  • Multiple End-Point Detection Parameters
    • Mixer Power
    • Granulation Time
    • Solution Amount Delivered


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