Material Handling

Material handling should be considered a big part of the planning work for pharmaceutical systems in the beginning.  Whether systems are for ­vertical or horizontal material flow, with or without containment, every requirement can be met with Freund-Vector.  This will help achieve maximum process reliability for the customer.

Material handling services ranges from weighing systems, lifting devices for loading and unloading systems (High Shear Mixers, Fluid Bed Systems, Granulation Suites, Hi-Coaters, Roll Compactors), blenders for barrels and containers, pneumatic conveying systems, solution mixing, containment solutions for potent compounds, drum tippers, fully automated cleaning systems and many more, which are available for both vertical and horizontal material flows.

Automation is such a vital part to the production of solid materials, Freund-Vector can develop and plan a complete system specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements.

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