Solvent-Free Barrier Membrane Coating Seminar

On March 1, 2018, Freund-Vector, Dow and Colorcon held a Solvent-Free Barrier Membrane Coating and Technology seminar.  During this seminar, participants were able to evaluate static and dynamic curing using a rotor processor (Granurex) that allows customers to achieve controlled release films from the dry powder state.

The Granurex is the most powerful pellet/powder processor available in the market place. It has three (3) primary applications: i) Pellet Formation; ii) Solution/Suspension Coating; iii) Dry Powder Layering.   During this seminar, participates conducted trials on the dry powder laying process using Ethocel HP®. See illustration below.

Freund-Vector Granurex (GXR) Rotor Processor
Dry Powder Layering Process

During the trials, participants were able to see the benefits of using Granurex and Ethocel HP®:  fast batch processing time;, particle size influence and weight gain influence.

Fast coating time provides potential of 2 – 4X increase in productivity with ETHOCEL HP


As particle size decreases improved film formation and better controlled release


Predictable drug release vs. weight gain


Controlled release can be achieved with Ethocel HP due to its specifically designed particle size for the Granurex rotor coater.  To learn more about Ethocel HP and Granurex, please visit Freund-Vector’s YouTube channel or Freund-Vector’s Slideshare showcase.

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