Registration is Open- Semi-Annual Training Seminar – Coming Up in September!

Freund-Vector is offering its semi-annual three day Granulation and Coating Technologies Seminar September 18-20, 2018. The seminar gives industry professionals an overall understanding of the processes and operation of solid dosage equipment.

The Freund-Vector Coating Seminar is designed for people with all levels of knowledge in the pharmaceutical and related health care industries. Whether your company has employees new to the field, research and development professionals, managers from various departments, quality control staff, equipment operators, or CEOs of the company, our seminar is helpful for professionals at all levels. They’re a great source of information for anyone who wants a better and broader view of solid dosage processing.

The three-day seminar consists of one day of lectures and two days of hands-on processing in our laboratory facility, covering the various granulation and coating technologies. Attendees are divided into four small groups and run four different processes each day.

Attendees are able to see and understand what happens when changes are made to process parameters and the results. Without a doubt, the demonstration gives an understanding of what “To Do” and what “NOT To Do” when it comes to granulation and coating technologies!

Our seminars are limited to 24 people, and registration fills up quickly!  Registration form can be located here.

For questions or additional information please contact: Steve Kray (319) 377-8263 x 260 or email


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