Sneak Peek: Interphex Technical Talk – “On-dose identification for tablets and capsules”

Many business needs can be satisfied by providing unique identification on solid oral dosage forms. But there is truly only one purpose: patient safety. Managing risk in the increasingly complex supply chain for solid dosage products should start directly with the tablets and capsules, and their unique on-dose identification.

On April 17, 2018, Freund-Vector’s Mr. Ed Novit will be leading a discussion, “On-dose identification for tablets and capsules – dosage design and equipment innovation to mitigate risks in patient safety and brand protection.”  Here is a sneak peek on Mr. Ed Novit‘s presentation.

Learning Objectives



Where should someone go to learn about the regulation on imprinting on solid oral dosage forms?


Available Technologies for Applying Visual Identifiers

Which technology should I select?  What are the pro’s and con’s?


Visual Identifiers

The goal is to eliminate/reduce/minimize ambiguity.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Interphex 2018.

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