Effect of Different Solubilizers on Poorly Soluble Drug in DC Formulation Using High Shear Granulator

The objective of this study was a comparative investigation of release profiles of a poorly soluble model drug, carbamazepine, by the dry granulation method using Poloxamers as the solubilizing agents. The solubilizing capacity of Poloxamers 237 and 338 (Kolliphor™ P 237 and P 338, respectively) were compared to Poloxamer 188 and 407 (Kolliphor™ P 188 and P 407 respectively) in dry granulation using High Shear Granulator. The study involved carbamazepine as a model poorly – water soluble drug, and the mixture of various excipients’ particles using a high shear mixer granulator. The robustness of this dry granulation method in DC formulation is measured by the release profile of the drug solubilized by each of the Poloxamers.

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