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Freund-Vector has added a new video to their YouTube Channel, “VHC” Hi-Coater Pan Coating Technology.  Starting with the development of the world’s first successful automated film coating machine in 1964, the Freund group has established itself as a global leader in tablet coating systems and technologies.   Freund-Vector’s “VHC” Hi-Coater fully perforated tablet coating systems are used for the application of aqueous, solvent and sugar film coating for tablets and pellets.

Since the worldwide launch of the Freund-Vector “VHC” Hi-Coater® in 1974, our perforated coating pans have featured slotted perforations.

“VHC” Hi-Coater Pan Details

The most effective method to increase spray rates for a tablet coating process is to increase the number of spray guns within the coating pan. An increased spray zone is accomplished by lengthening the coating pan while maintaining the same diameter.

Standard Pan vs ‘L” Series Pan

Tablet coating isn’t an overly complex process, but proper coating setup and operating parameters ensure that your tablets are coated evenly and adequately without defects.

Uniform curtain of spray

Flexible Processing Capabilities

LDCS Lab system offers interchangeable pans ranging from .05L to 8.0L

Pan Interchange LDSC Pilot System

LDCS Pilot System offers interchangeable pans ranging from 11L to 55L

Pan Interchange_LDCS Lab System

VHC-60M offers interchangeable pans ranging from 240L through 820L

Pan Interchange LDCS VHC-60M

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