Visit with Freund-Vector at ACHEMA 2018

ACHEMA is, was and always will be the central arena of the process industries. Nowhere else is the heartbeat of our industry more rapid, intense, up-to-date, innovative and international than here. ACHEMA is the trail-blazing show for all areas of the process industries, offering a panorama of up-to-date technology trends and a technology platform with a worldwide signaling impact.

Freund-Vector has established itself as a global leader in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the processing of powders, particles, beads, pellets, tablets to the pharmaceutical, nutritional, food and chemical industries.  Equipment applications include coating, drying, agglomerating, granulating, layering, densification and tablet forming. During Achema 2018, customers will be able to view the latest innovative technology, equipment and processes.

The Smallest Tablet Coating System In The Pharma Market

The Freund-Vector Corporation LDCS-Micro HI-COATER® Laboratory Development Coating System is a portable, table top design with the unique capability of performing process feasibility, development and clinical batches, utilizing two (2) available fully perforated coating pan sizes. This is a portable, self-contained film coating system.


LDCS Micro


Fastest Method to Powder Coat Pellets Using Dow’s Ethocel™HP & GXR Insert

Freund-Vector’s GXR technology and Dow’s Ethocel™ HP allows customers to coat multiparticulates without the need for solvent or aqueous-based polymers.   This new technology allows for improved productivity and shorter coating times while moving away from solvent-based polymers.

VFC-Lab 3 with GXR-35 rotor insert


TFC-LAB Micro: The World’s Smallest Roll Compactor

Freund-Vector’s TFC-Lab Micro is a bench top roll compaction system that is built for developmental dry granulation formulation and process development.  Compacting product samples as low as 5 grams, makes it ideal for feasibility studies.


Stop by and visit with Freund-Vector, Hall 4-A2.  We are looking forward to meeting everyone at Achema 2018.