Company Overview

Freund-Vector USA Granulation & Drying technology

Freund-Vector Corporation

A global full service company founded in 1972, Freund-Vector Corporation designs, manufactures and markets processing equipment and services for the processing of powders, particles, beads, pellets, tablets and other solid materials/forms to the pharmaceutical, nutritional, food, confectionery, chemical, powdered metals, automotive and pyrotechnics industries. Equipment applications include coating, drying, agglomerating, granulating, layering, densification and tablet forming.

The product lines include coating pan systems for applying an aqueous, solvent or sugar film coating; fluid bed systems for granulating, coating and drying; high shear granulator mixers for wet granulation, roll compactors for material densification and granulation, spray dryers and automated process control systems for all of the equipment/systems. A unique in-house laboratory facility that specializes in product feasibility, process development and process technology provides processing expertise to support the marketing of all of the product lines.

A key to Freund-Vector’s continued growth and profitability, in an increasingly competitive global market, is a dedicated work force of well-educated and experienced employees. Freund-Vector has a very strong commitment to quality and was assessed and is a registered International ISO 9001:15 Quality Manufacturing Company.


Freund Corporation of Tokyo, Japan a business partner since 1974 purchased controlling interest of Vector Corporation in 1997. Freund Corporation is a highly focused product research and development based company. Freund is committed to the continued development of innovative processing equipment and to provide new technology solutions for the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets. Freund possesses more than 300 domestic and international intellectual properties reflecting their creative technologies and unique products. Together, the Freund Group has over 8,000 installations around the world.

Vector Corporation became Freund-Vector Corporation in January 2012.