VHC-Multi Production Coating Systems

The VHC-Multi HI-COATER® can support multiple fully perforated coating pans ranging from pilot to production capacities. Each coating pan is rated from 10% to 100% brim volume capacity and incorporates a patent pending mounting method accessible through the front of the pan. The VHC-Multi coating system uses AT Spray guns mounted on Freund-Vector’s patented manifold spray bar system. The AT Spray allows the control of both pattern and atomization airflow at varying supply pressures – perfect for multiple product use.   Clearly, the VHC-Multi coating system provides the best solution for your production pan coating processes.

*Photo shown with optional COMPU™ control system.

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Interchangeable Fully Perforated Pans:

  • VHC-48 Multi: 4 Pans, 115L, 165L, 240L, 340L
  • VHC-60 Multi: 5 Pans, 240L, 340L, 490L, 675L, 820L
  • VHC-66 Multi: 5 Pans, 340L, 490L, 675L, 890L, 1070L

Flexible Processing Capabilities

  • Film, Sugar and Solvent Coating Available
  • Batch Ranges of Each Pan:  10% to 100%
  • Patent Pending Pan Change Method:
    • Change-Over in 5 Minutes or Less
    • Front-Of-Unit Pan Access
  • Contained Front Discharge As Option

In-Process Adjustable Spray Bar

  • Easily Removable Manifold Spray Bar
  • Atomization and Spray Pattern Control
  • Automated Operation As An Option

Smart-Safe™ Containment Optional

AT-PRO™ Anti-Bearding Spray Gun

  • Formed Anti-Slide Baffles
  • Removable Mixing Baffles
  • Abrasion Resistant Perforations
  • Sanitary Mirror-Smooth Finish Pan Interior

EcoClean™ Technology Optional

  • Trolley Removed For Processing and Cleaning
  • High Pressure – Low Volume Systems
  • Continuous Weld Pan Housing: No Seals
  • Streamline Exhaust Plenum for Easy Lifting and Cleaning

Color Touchscreen Control System

  • Validatable Control System
  • Automatic (Recipe-Driven) and Manual Modes
  • COMPU™ Control System (Optional)
    • 21 CFR Part 11 Data Recipe Handling System

VHC-Multi Production Coating Systems

VHC-Multi Production Coating Systems

The pan is exchanged through the front of the machine with an independent cart and trolley that are removed from the pan housing during operation. This allows the pan to be cleaned in-place inside the pan housing, similar to a dedicated coating pan. When installed the front of the coating pan is supported with removable casters while the rear of the pan utilizes a tapered shaft connection. This design allows the tool-less changeover on VHC-Multi machines to be completed in less than 5 minutes.

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