VHC-Multi Production Coating Systems

The VHC-Multi HI-COATER® can support multiple fully perforated coating pans ranging from pilot to production capacities. Each coating pan is rated from 25% to 100% brim volume capacity and incorporates a patent pending mounting method accessible through the front of the pan. The VHC-Multi coating system uses AT Spray guns mounted on Freund-Vector’s patented manifold spray bar system. The AT Spray allows the control of both pattern and atomization airflow at varying supply pressures – perfect for multiple product use.   Clearly, the VHC-Multi coating system provides the best solution for your production pan coating processes.

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Interchangeable Fully Perforated Pans:

  • VHC-48M: 4 Pans, 115L through 340L
  • VHC-60M: 5 Pans, 240L through 820L
  • VHC-66M: 4 Pans, 340L through 1070L

Flexible Processing Capabilities

  • Batch Ranges of Each Pan:  25% to 100%
  • Turbulence-Free Airflow Design
  • Patent Pending Pan Change Method:
    • Change-Over 15 Minutes or Less
    • Front-Of-Unit Pan Access
  • Contained Front Discharge As Option

In-Process Adjustable Spray Bar

  • Easily Removable Manifold Spray Bar
  • Atomization and Spray Pattern Control
  • Automated Operation As An Option

Anti-Marking Coating Pans

  • Formed Anti-Slide Baffles
  • Removable Mixing Baffles
  • Abrasion Resistant Perforations

Designed For CIP Execution

  • Continuous Weld Pan Housing – No Seals
  • Streamline Exhaust Plenum For Easy Access
  • Optional CIP Skid, Nozzles, and Valves.

Color Touchscreen Control System

  • Two Modes of Operation:
    • Automatic Mode – Recipe Driven
    • Manual Mode
  • Validated to GAMP Standards

VHC-Multi Production Coating Systems

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