TFC Roll Compaction Technologies

Continuous Dry Granulation

The TFC Roll Compaction systems are a continuous, directly compressible, dry granulation system to improve material flow characteristics and increase material density. A vertical product flow system uses a tapered feed screw to deliver the material to the fully contained compaction zone of the cantilevered rolls, increasing product yields and minimizing product fines.

TFC-520 Roll Compaction system capable of 5kg – 130kg/hrThe TFC Roll Compaction systems utilizes a unique roll system to compact powders into sheets or briquettes. The compacted sheets are milled to produce granules of a specific size. Particles that fall outside the desired size range can be recirculated back into the roll compaction system hopper, where the product can be reprocessed.

TFC Roll Compaction System with Vacuum Loading and Product Recycling.


Granule Size Varies By Roll Pressure - Not Roll Gap

The TFC roll compaction system utilizes a floating roll that ensures compaction forces are consistent to address variations of incoming material flow. The gap between the fixed roll and floating roll will vary, as necessary to ensure a constant compaction force is applied.

This is important since granule size is dependent upon compaction force.  The floating roll / constant force design offers the only viable method of ensuring consistent granulation is occurring.

Bulk Density as a function of constant compaction pressure.


Conical Hopper Eliminates Air Entrained in Product

As product is being fed into the compaction zone through the tapered screw feeding system, the powder is pre-compacted and entrapped air is forced out along the side walls of the product hopper. The inherent advantage of the vertical hopper eliminates any requirement for a de-aeration system within the nip zone.

Red Arrows Depicting Air Escaping Thru Side of In-line Hopper

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