Top Drive High Shear Wet Granulation Mixing Systems

The GMX GRANUMEIST® High Shear Granulator and Mixer is designed for efficient and homogenous wet granulation of powders to form a medium to high density granule.

Its top-drive design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, faster processing times, and superior user safety.

Engineered with the end-user in mind, the GMX GRANUMEIST® family is the ideal solution for your wet granulation and mixing needs.

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Alternate Installation Configurations

  • Portable Skid Mount or Space-Saving In-Wall Design

Top Drive Advantages

  • Easy Bowl and Blade Removal and Fixed Bowl Lid for Superior Cleaning, Maintenance, and Safety
  • Vertical Shaft Chopper for Improved Granulation

Processing Flexibility

  • User-Defined Mixer and Chopper Speeds
  • Full Range of Charge and Discharge Systems
  • Aqueous and Solvent-Based Processing
  • Optional Vacuum Drying for One-Pot Processing
  • Optional Jacketed Bowl for Product Temperature Control

Smart-Safe™ Containment Optional

Engineered Scalability

  • Consistent with Production GMX Systems
    • Proportional Mixer Blade Tip-Speeds
    • Bowl and Blade Geometries

Color Touch Screen Control System

  • Validatable Control System
  • Automatic (Recipe-Driven) and Manual Modes
  • COMPU™ Control System (Optional)
    • 21 CFR Part 11 Data Recipe Handling System
  • Multiple End-Point Detection Parameters
    • Mixer Power
    • Calculated Mixer Torque
    • Granulation Time
    • Solution Delivery



Freund-Vector’s GMX High Shear Top Driven Granulation System

Precise configuration of the bowl, mixer and chopper produce efficient and homogenous mixing of dry powders or, when followed by uniform wetting with a binding solution, the production of homogenous wet granules. The mixer impeller is designed to generate an aggressive homogenous three-dimensional product flow throughout the bowl. Narrow particle size distribution, ideal compressibility, excellent flowability, high mechanical strength and semi-spherical granulate are few of the physical characteristics of the final product.

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