The Freund-Vector benchtop TFC Roll Compaction system is a versatile densification and dry granulation machine that produces uniform compacted sheets with consistent hardness and increased density by compacting powdered material between two uniquely designed rolls.

The TFC Roll Compaction system utilizes a cantilevered roll design and features a vertical tapered feed screw system with standard serrated rolls.  Alternate rolls are available.

Simple-to-use, easy to clean, economical, and designed for maximum processing effectiveness, the TFC Roll Compaction family is the ideal solution for your current and future dry compaction processing requirements.

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Processing Flexibility

  • Small Processing Volumes: 5g to 1kg/hr
    • No Additional Inserts Required
  • Optional Granulating Mill Available

Engineered Scalability

  • Roll Gap Control via Hydraulic Pressure
  • Roll and Screw Design Consistent with Production Models

Unique Compaction Seal Design

  • Contained Compaction Zone for Reducing Amount of Fines

Smart-Safe™ Containment Optional

Inline De-Aeration Design

  • Vertical Hopper and Screw De-Aerates
    Product Prior to Compaction

Quick Changeover Design

  • Minimal Tools Required for Cleaning
  • Cantilevered Roll Design

Validatable Control System

  • Manual Mode of Operation
  • Simple Roll Force Adjustments
  • Amperage and Speed Displays for Roll and Screw
  • Roll Compaction Force
  • Roll and Screw Speeds

Portable Self-Contained System

  • Single Electrical Connection


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