VSD-200 Laboratory Spray Dryer

Inspired by our customers, driven by innovation – this spray dryer will change the way you Think, Work and Develop your drug preparations. And yes…it’s GMP!

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The VSD-200 is a development scale spray dryer and it’s built to the same standards as larger production class units.  It has all the features and materials of construction that the pharma industry seeks for lab scale GMP work.  This makes the VSD-200 perfect for feasibility studies and even for producing supplies for early clinical work.  The VSD-200 is robust, fabricated in stainless steel and with product contact surfaces crafted in 316L.  The compelling simplicity of the design makes routine disassembly and cleaning easy, with almost no tools required.  Integral color touch screen control system is furnished as standard and complete documentation for validation support is also available.



  • Scalable to larger VSD systems
  • Portable system mounted on casters
  • Drying chamber with view windows
  • Cyclone with powder collection container (500mL)
  • Internal gas handling system with electric heater
  • Two fluid atomizing nozzle and pressure regulator
  • Peristaltic pump system with solution tank (1 liter)
  • Bag filter with cartridge filters
  • Solvent condensing and recovery unit
  • Nitrogen inerting system and oxygen monitor for closed cycle operation
  • COMPU Control System (Optional)
    • 21 CFR Part 11 Data Recipe Handling System

VSD-200 Laboratory Spray Dryer

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