VSD Production Spray Dryers

This technology provides a unique method for “particle engineering” that is unlike any other processing technique.  With proper selection of available equipment features combined with an optimized process, it’s possible to create particles with precise characteristics to achieve desired critical quality attributes of the powder product.

The VSD Base Systems are designed for efficient open cycle spray drying of pharmaceutical materials, excipients, flavors, and industrial substances at commercial scale. Solvent Systems are available per request.

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  • Particles from Droplets: Nozzles provide uniform atomization with predictable droplet formation. Choose from many available orifice sizes, too!

Gas Disperser

  • Mixing of Drying Gas & Atomized Droplets: Modular gas disperser with exchangeable components provides balanced gas distribution and uniform mixing at desired gas flow rate. Also helps lessen material buildup!

Cyclone Configurations

  • Optimize Recovery for Highest Yield: Choose from a range of exchangeable cyclone sections and inserts to “dial in” performance and configure it to best suit your particle attributes and gas flow – even for light particles at low velocity.

EcoClean™ Technology Optional

  • High Pressure; Low Volume
  • Our tankless “WIP skid uses less water, less cleaning chemicals, and generates less wastewater over traditional tank-style systems resulting in superior cleaning and lower operating costs.


  • Drying Chamber Includes View Windows and Lighting
  • Pneumatic Hammers Provided on Drying Chamber Cone
  • Peristaltic Pump with 2-Fluid Atomizing Nozzle and Pressure Regulator
    • Pressure Nozzle with High Intensity Pump (Optional)
    • Rotary Atomizer (Optional)
  • Air Handling System with Circulation Blower and Electric Heater
  • Cyclone with Butterfly Valve and Powder Collection Container
  • Fines Filtration with Reverse Pulse Cleaning for Continuous Operation
  • Color Touch Screen Control System
  • COMPU™ Control System (Optional)
    • 21 CFR Part 11 Data Recipe Handling System

VSD Production Spray Dryers

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