VSD-800 Pilot and Production Spray Dryer

Particle Engineering Thru flexibility

Your product defines the process and your process defines the equipment requirements. Thoughtful engineering and attention to detail make our VSD-800 easily adaptable to handle a diverse range of processes to achieve your desired product outcomes.

The system is built to overcome limitations found in other spray dryers. Equipped with modular components and accessories that allow you to easily configure the equipment to best suit  your intended process, you can now discover faster and more reliable pathways to scale up and time to market.

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  • Particles from Droplets: Unmatched range of industry standard pressure nozzles and 2-fluid nozzles provide uniform atomization with predictable droplet formation. Choose from many available orifice sizes, too!

Gas Disperser

  • Mixing of Drying Gas & Atomized Droplets: Modular gas disperser with exchangeable components provides balanced gas distribution and uniform mixing at desired gas flow rate. Also helps lessen material buildup!

Cyclone Configurations

  • Optimize Recovery for Highest Yield: Choose from a range of exchangeable cyclone sections and inserts to “dial in” performance and configure it to best suit your particle attributes and gas flow – even for light particles at low velocity.

Drying Chamber Extensions

  • Increase Residence Time: Adding one or more drying chamber extensions increases chamber volume to promote longer exposure, especially for slow drying of small dense particles and while processing heat sensitive substances at low temperatures.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • A unique lifting mechanism allows for cleaning and inspection of the lid, disperser, drying chamber, lower cone and also for complete removal of the chamber if desired.

No Hidden Parts or Blind Spots

  • Your “eyes on” 100% of the product contact surfaces; minimal number of parts; tool-less hardware throughout.

Compelling Ergonomics

  • Compact design with fewer ducting sections, short run lengths an easy disassembly that takes minutes, not hours to maximize productivity.

High Pressure; Low Volume

  • Our tankless “WIP skid uses less water, less cleaning chemicals, and generates less wastewater over traditional tank-style systems resulting in superior cleaning and lower operating costs.


  • Scalable to Larger VSD Systems
  • cGMP Design
  • Mobile All-In-One Design
  • Cyclone with Powder Collection Container (500mL)
  • Internal Gas Handling System with Electric Heater
  • Peristaltic Pump System with Solution Tank (1 liter)
  • Bag Filter with Cartridge Filters
  • Range of Spray Devices:
    • 2-Fluid Nozzle: Standard
    • Pressure Nozzle: (Optional)
    • Rotary Atomizer: (Optional)
  • Closed-Cycle Insert Gas Loop:
    • Portable Solvent Cart with Quick Disconnect Hardware
    • High Efficiency Condenser for Solvent Recovery
    • Nitrogen Inerting System and Oxygen Monitor for Closed Cycle Operation
  • Color Touch Screen HMI
  • Large Vertical Window with Lighting
  • COMPU™ Control System (Optional)
    • 21 CFR Part 11 Data Recipe Handling System

VSD-800 Pilot and Production Spray Dryer

VSD-800 Pilot and Production Spray Dryer

Not All Particles Are Created Equal…Neither Should Your Spray Dryer!

The VSD-800 offers a fresh approach to spray drying by reliably achieving your desired product outcomes, while reducing downtime for cleaning and providing an overall savings in operating costs. Request the demo video now by clicking “Contact Freund-Vector” box below

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