VSD-800 Pilot and Production Spray Dryer

The VSD-800 Pilot GMP Spray Dryer System is designed for process development, clinical batches, and small-scale manufacturing. Closed loop spray drying with nitrogen inerting for solvent processing is available with the optional solvent upgrade.

The system is comprised of a drying chamber, choice of 2 Fluid or Pressure Nozzle, configurable cyclone, and exhaust fines filter.

Every VSD model is designed for easy operation with minimal operator interaction required. Service access is provided via a unique lifting mechanism that allows full access to the drying chamber lower cone, upper head and gas disperser…even complete removal of the drying chamber section.

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The VSD-800 introduces a new dimension in spray drying by offering a multi-process platform to create innovative medicines for today and tomorrow. A single VSD-800 system can be configured by the user for applications such as conventional spray drying, amorphous dispersions, and even for producing nanocomposites containing drug nano particles. The user may choose the best spray device to suit their process: 2-fluid nozzle, pressure nozzle, and a range of rotary atomizers. Equipment flexibility, process versatility, all in one!


  • cGMP Design
  • Fixed Installation or Mobile Configuration Design
  • Types of Spray Devices: 2-Fluid Nozzle, Pressure Nozzle, Rotary Atomizers
  • Production of Single Micron Particles and Nanocomposites
  • Closed-cycle Insert Gas Loop – Reduces Nitrogen Consumption
  • High Efficiency Condenser Cart for Solvent Recovery
  • Color Touch Screen HMI
  • COMPU Control System (Optional)
    • 21 CFR Part 11 Data Recipe Handling System

VSD-800 Pilot and Production Spray Dryer

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