With its standard drying, top spray and bottom spray capabilities, as well as the optional Granurex rotor insert, the VFC-LAB 1 and VFC-LAB 3 are the most versatile laboratory scale fluid bed systems available.
The unique design of the combination product container/Wurster processing insert and integrated solution pump provides the user with the ability to perform quick changeover between granulation and coating processes.
Portable, flexible, efficiently cleaned and easy to operate, the VFC-LAB 1 is the perfect solution for your process development requirements.

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Laboratory Fluid Bed Systems

One System – Four Processes

  • Top Spray Granulation Processes
  • Bottom Spray Coating Processes
    • Patented Wurster Accelerator System for Reduced Process Time
  • Drying Processes
  • GRANUREX® Rotor Technology (patented) *
    • Spherical Coating and Layering Processes

Portable Self-Contained System

  • Electrical and Compressed Air Connections for Easy Removal of System

Quick Changeover Design

  • No Tools Required for Process Changeover
  • Removable Spray Gun and Product Screens
  • Removable Cartridge Filters (2 micron retention)

Optional Processing Flexibility

  • Hot Melt and Wax Matrix Processes
  • Increased/Reduced Processing Inserts

Integrated Peristaltic Pump

  • Precision Solution Addition

Color Touch Screen Control System

  • Automatic (Recipe Driven) and Manual Modes
  • Optional COMPU Control System
    • 21 CFR Part 11 Data and Recipe Handling System
  • Validatable Control System
    • Inlet Airflow and Temperature Control
    • Solution Spray Rate Control
    • Process End-Point Control
      • Time, Exhaust or Product Temperature Touchscreen Control *
      • Process End-Point Control
  • Data Collection Port to PC or Printer *
* Indicates Optional Features


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