Wurster Accelerator

The Freund-Vector VFC Wurster Coating Accelerator System improves the performance of the Wurster column bottom spray coating systems.

Accelerated spray rates are used and the product movement is controlled into an enlarged fully atomized spray zone improving coating quality, uniformity and coating times.


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Faster Solution Application

  • The Accelerator spray gun uses increased atomization volume allowing for faster solution application rates and proper atomization of the coating solution.
  • Freund-Vector’s specially designed perforated plate optimizes particle movement through the spray zone.

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Wurster Accelerator

Wurster Accelerator

Freund-Vector’s Wurster Accelerator

Application of Solution or Suspensions containing Actives, Excipients and/or Polymers to Multiparticulate cores or Mini-Tablets of 10 to 2000+ microns. The Cyclic product movement set up by the Wurster Partition ensures the particles pass through the spray zone many times. The Accelerator enhances the spray zone and allows coatings to be put on smaller cores (10 micron) without agglomeration or spray faster on larger cores.

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